Class Participation

With the help of cameras installed in the classrooms, AspectO analyses important aspects of the students such asattentiveness during lecture, communication with teacher and social interaction. This helps the teachers to gauge the student’s performance in class. Personalized learning plans arecreated based on data analysis and tracked with auto generated assessments.

Teacher App

This App helps the teachersto identify students who require extra attention in addition to the regular classes. Children showing elevated stress levels, low confidence and understanding will greatly benefit from such personalised attention. Teacher App provides real-time alerts during the class to help adjust teaching style in real time and identify the students who need such an intervention during the class. The session end analytics and visualization available via this app helpteachers to plan next sessions.AspectO analysed data on the students can be collated for productive discussions during Parent Teacher meetings accessible through the app.

Management Dashboard

AspectO classroom will also help the school administration to design the schedule and curriculum in an efficient manner. Enables them to create teacher enablement plan to augment standards.

Parent App

The parent App provides the parents with real time information on the attendance and attentiveness levels of their children in classroom sessions. Also offline information on engagement, personalized assessments and other metrics.


A wide plethora of reports, visual trends and analysis are available to teachers, parents and the school management.

Management Dashboard

AspectO classroom allows the school administration to design the schedule and curriculum using the in-depth analytics.AspectO enables the school to identify and focus on the needful students of the class, thereby improving the average performance of both the students as well as the school in general. It also enables in articulating teacher improvement and training plans.

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